Leather Bicycle Saddle Tool Bag with Magnetic Buttons // Brown

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Type: Saddle / Handlebar Tool Bag.
Compatibility: Any types of saddles (2 straps securely holds the bag).

  • Genuine Leather
  • Universal Bag (Fits any saddle)
  • Size: W: 8 Dimeter : 4.7 inches
  • 7 magnetic buttons

The impressive size of the bag allows you to keep all the necessary things:
tools, compact pump, rain coat, 500 ml bottle or 350 ml thermos.

All the Leather Bicycle Saddle Bag are hand made and stitched. They can be used as a saddle or handlebar tool bag for your modern or traditional bicycle or to add that little extra something to a bike. Each tool bag is individual and although new and never used, they may have some marks as would be expected for a handmade item. They are all made of strong long lasting leather and would compliment a traditional leather saddle.

Exclusive Leather by Exclusive Art Inc.