Wholesale Leather Bags

We currently offer wholesale opportunities on select products and are looking to partner with businesses that we feel fit the culture of our brand and audience.  Our goal is to establish long term relationships with our partners in order to promote your brick and mortar locations to our audience.  We want our customers to know that there are local businesses that they can walk in and see our products in person. If you feel your business has a market for our products, please reach out to us to discuss our product offering and prices.

We are selling pure goat, buffalo, camel and cowhide leather bags in wholesale. We carries a large selection of wholesale ladies handbags. Retailers can shop for wholesale ladies purses, tote bags, bucket bags, wallets in leather, crossbody bags, mini bags, belt bags, fanny packs, laptop bags, messenger bags for man and backpacks. We carry both the latest trends, classic looks and vintage looks at great wholesale prices. We ship across Canada and the United States.

Are you looking for some stylish and unique inventory for your store or do you have a dream to start you fashion product range?
You are in a right place. Our unique and 100% genuine bags are not only very easy to sell but also its available in reasonable prices so that you can sell them in good cost and earn huge margins. Each customer demands are unique and that is why we have a wide range of variety when it comes to leather bags. The vintage look, the durability and the assurance of being 100% genuine and pure itself is a unique selling point of these leather bags.

Wholesale Leather Bags 

Our wholesale bags online shop you can also order wallets in leather, belts in leather, genuine handbags leather, genuine bags leather, work bags, shoulder bags, messenger bags, messenger bags for man, handbags, carryall bags, washed bags.

Why choose our products

Our commitment is to make the best quality and most durable products and we strive to create products the life up to both high-quality standard, high customers expectations
We can also custom the bags ordered by customers.
We keep our catalog varied in models,  choices, and colors and we enjoy a distribution network which allows our products to be sold all over the world.
Selling at a fair price is paramount in our company, we and our craftspeople strongly work to reach that goal

How to start with wholesale:

  1. Drop us an email contact at exclusiveleather.ca and provide us the SKU code or URL of the bags you are interested in.
  2. Tell us the quantity you might be interested in buying.
  3. We will get back to you with the total quote and shipping charges.

Our Unique Feature

The feature that we boast everywhere about our product is the natural goat hide that is used to manufacture the leather. This leather is processed naturally to give the color of choice and then designed by expert craftsmen who have been in the business of making leather bags for the past three decades. Our design department provides the designs and logos based on the latest trends in every category that we sell. The leather handmade bag will be at your side for ages to come and is so sturdy that it can be passed on to your future generations as well.

We are manufacturing, supplying & exporting all the handcrafted products like Handmade Leather Bags, Leather Diaries and So many other Leather Goods Like Leather Aprons, Leather Jackets, Leather Gloves etc.

No Compromise on Quality

With the sales volume soaring in the past six months, we compromised on many things like our sleep and family time. The one thing we did not compromise on was the quality of the leather used and the design to satisfy your fashion taste buds. We also did not resort to unnatural methods for aging and coloring the leather. The process used is 100% natural and we pre-order in large quantity to beat the timelines, so you get what you want in time without hampering the quality of the product. Moreover, the additional attachments like zippers, belts, and buckles are made of 100% brass making it corrosion free and usable for years to come.

Get wholesale handmade leather bags in Canada and USA.



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