Women's Vintage Style Leather Laptop Bag

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Each bag is individually crafted using leather, lightweight and strong, this bag will only become softer, more flexible and look better with age.
Women's Vintage Style Leather Laptop Bag made from Full-Grain Goat Leather. This full grain leather men's briefcase was inspired by vintage lawyer briefcases from decades past. Its classic lines, thick goat leather, antique brass hardware and double gusset construction give it a handsome old school look.
Vintage bag made from high quality leather with hard wearing zips and buckles that will long stand the test of time. The beautiful old leather vintage style is so eye catching and simply gorgeous.

Dimensions L 16" x H 12" x W 2" Inches
Weight : 700g

Women's Vintage Style Leather Laptop Bag made from high quality leather

  • Vintage leather messenger bag, laptop case or briefcase
  • Adjustable shoulder strap
  • Genuine goat hide treated with natural oils
  • Water resistant leather bag
This vintage leather laptop satchel bag is brand new and made from genuine goat hide.. The hide may show show colour variations or marks in places.  This authenticates the genuine natural leather that makes your leather messenger bag or laptop bag unique with character that is not duplicated on any other leather bag. Handmade vintage leather messenger bags made in a small family run workshop in India.

Leather Process

The processing of raw skins to the finishing of the product, every process is done without the use of any machines. The use of new techniques considerably reduced the odour of leather while it is prepared.
Raw buffalo skins and Goat Skin that are sourced from nearby local towns in India, are first soaked in a solution of lime (choona) and sodium sulphate for about 15 to 20 days. This removes hair from the raw skin and prepares it for further processing.
The hides are stitched at the edges with a local grass, known as moonj, and filled with salt water and babool bark powder for the process of veg-tanning. This solution is changed around 10 to 15 times, until the hide becomes stable and watertight. The hides are then sun dried and polished with oil. After some scraping of the underside and dyeing, the hide is ready to be turned into the most desirable products
Exclusive Leather by Exclusive Art Inc.